Kentucky Training Information


Statewide Mid-rotation Training
October 21-25, 2019
Lake Cumberland 4-H Educational Center, Jabez, KY

The steering committee put together a schedule offering classes to increase garment and other textile sewing, projects to encourage teaching hand sewing skills, and area sharing. All current active Master Clothing Volunteers will receive a personalized link to register online for the fall training. Registration is open August 1-15, 2019

Session I runs from October 21-24, and Session 2 runs from October 22-25.

The Class of 2018 will attend training classes during Session 1, October 21-24.

Tracks for Certified Master Clothing volunteers include:

  1. Sewing tips for unusual/specialty fabrics taught by Anne Hillard
    This class will challenge you to sew on something different from woven cotton and knit fabrics.  You will learn tips to sew on thick, stubborn, and out of the ordinary fabrics like vinyl and cork.  Learn tips on sewing layers of vinyl fabric to make purse straps, as well as how to install zippers with tabs on each end to vinyl and cork. You will attach hardware to complete a cute, lined cross body bag.   A kit will be included with materials.
  2. Tunic class taught by Susan Kipp and Carol Rushing-Carr
    The class will focus primarily on neckline variations.  Patterns for neckline variations will be provided. Participants will use New Look Pattern #6524 to create a tunic with fabric and trim of their choice.  A good fitting mock-up/muslin of the pattern should be completed prior to class. If needed, minor fitting alterations can be performed during the class prior to cutting and constructing the fashion fabric tunic. 
  3. 4-H STEAM clothing curriculum taught by Jennifer Klee and Mary Hixson
    STEAM Clothing is a national curriculum that Kentucky has adopted to use. Class includes set of STEAM Clothing books provided to you by the state 4-H Office. This class will cover the first volume of the set which covers Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math as they relate to clothing and sewn items. It will be a fun class. In addition, you will make two projects, a tote bag and an apron that can be used when teaching beginning sewing classes.
  4. Pocket Change taught by Brenda Pinkston
    Many “Ready to Wear” garments and clothing patterns do not include pockets. If you would like to add pockets on your “Ready to Wear” clothing or clothing patterns, most of the time it can be accomplished, somewhere. This class will be looking at pocket options, adding pockets or changing pocket styles on “Ready to Wear” and clothing patterns. In this class we will be adding pockets to garments that you bring. These can be “Ready to Wear” garments or clothing you have previously made.
  5. Waste not, want not - Taught by Anita Cummins
    In an ongoing effort to recycle, upcycle and reuse, we are offering a class in fabric-making from scrap pieces. For this class we will be using scraps from your previous projects to make new fabric, which can be used for clothing, bags, quilts, etc. There is no limit to what you can create from fabric that normally would be thrown away, so bring your imagination and neatly trimmed scraps. You can trade with other class participants or make a memory item from your past projects or a loved ones outgrown clothing. We will make a tote bag during our class.
  6. Visible Mending (Session 2 only) – taught by Kathy Hilkey
    Rather than discard things that have ceased to serve us, perhaps we should aim to find a way to make them beautiful again. Visible mending is the place where art and practicality meet in the sewing world.  Clothing repair that can be seen transforms the garment into something fun and different. It is a new way to look at mending.  This class will be mostly handwork and embroidery techniques, but please feel free to bring a machine as there are also machine techniques.  Bring a garment or two to mend and embellish.  The techniques work well with jeans, tops, and even holes in sweaters can be reworked in an interesting way.

Wednesday Mini Classes:

  1. Introduction to Visible Mending taught by Kathy Hilkey
  2. English Smocking – how to use a pleater taught by Kelly Mackey
  3. Swedish Weaving – taught by Mary Hixson
  4. Blanket Stitched Turkey Pin – taught by Mary Averbeck
  5. YoYo Tractor – taught by Brenda Pinkston
  6. “Wonder Clip” wrist pin cushion – taught by Anne Hillard (sewing machine required)