About the "Master Volunteer Concept"

The "Master Volunteer Concept" is an outgrowth of the Cooperative Extension Service's tradition of utilizing volunteers.

The "master" idea expands on the traditional volunteer role. Interested, dedicated individuals with some prior experience and knowledge in a specific area are selected and provided with intense, in-depth training. Upon the completion of the training there is a commitment by the volunteer to spend a specified amount of time sharing their enhanced expertise with others.

The Kentucky Master Volunteer in Clothing Construction program is modeled after other Extension master volunteer programs. Our program, however, has been refined and is tailored to meet the specific needs and organizational structure in our state. Numerous other state and national sponsored Master Volunteer programs were reviewed. The program presented is the outcome of a developmental committee's efforts.


  • This is a state interdepartmental program designed to reach both youth and adult clientele (4-H/Youth, Homemaker Club, and other community groups).
  • Program policy and operation is state driven and under the direction of a Steering Committee.
  • The program is administered through the Cooperative Extension Service by area contact agents.
  • The program is managed by the area contact agent and the assistant contact agent with the help of an area committee.
  • Although managed by the area contact agent, assistant contact agent and area committee, the program is made available to any and all persons. All counties are included in the program effort.


  • Lay-persons with basic knowledge and good skill techniques in clothing construction may make application for the program.
  • Application forms may be obtained from and must be returned to the county Extension office by the designated date established by county. Applicants will be screened by a county committee and notified of their application status by letter.
  • County applicants progress to an area screening.
  • Each area can select a maximum of two (2) Master Volunteer candidates to receive training per rotation period. (Length of rotation period is 2 years.) 



  • Can be anyone from the community who has an interest in the topic.
  • May receive some training in subject matter and teaching skills, but is rarely indepth or intensive.
  • Makes no formal commitment to give back information to the community/area.
  • Has no specific title.
  • Is not necessarily recognized or identified as knowledgeable source in the subject matter.

 Master Volunteer:

  • Candidate selected for the program based on knowledge background and people skills.
  • Receives indepth training in subject matter, record keeping, teaching, and people-oriented skills.
  • Makes a written commitment to give back a specific amount of time, in the area trained, to Extension and the community.
  • Will become known as a Certified Master Volunteer by the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service at the end of the designated pay-back period.
  • Will be recognized in the community/area as a trained professional aide.

 Certified Master Volunteer:

  •  Has successfully completed the 100 service hour payback in accordance with the MVP program guidelines.
  • Recognized and approved as a "master" in the subject matter area by professionals in the field (state subject matter specialists).
  • Received certificate and name tag verifying completion of the basic program.