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Volume 3, Issue 5
Topic: Getting away on what you can afford

Volume 3, Issue 10
Topic: Maximizing Your Dollar

Volume 4, Issue 2
Topic: Stretching Your Paycheck

Volume 5, Issue 1
Topic: Take Control of Your Finances in Tough Times

Volume 5, Issue 9
Topic: How Much Home Can You Afford?

Volume 7, Issue 12
Topic: Setting Financial Priorities

Volume 8, Issue 2
Topic: Automating Your Finances

Volume 9, Issue 9
Topic: Applications for Financial Management

Volume 13, Issue 4
Topic: Spring Clean Your Budget

Volume 13, Issue 6
Topic: Increase Productivity by Finding Flow

Volume 13, Issue 11
Topic: Hosting Holiday Meals on a Budget


Volume 2, Issue 4
Topic: Rising gas prices

Volume 4, Issue 3
Topic: Hitting the Road... Buying a Vehicle

Volume 6, Issue 10
Topic: Car Maintenance: The Basics

Volume 10, Issue 2
Topic: Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Volume 12, Issue 7
Topic: Choosing to Lease or Buy a Vehicle


Volume 3, Issue 8
Topic: College Bound

Volume 4, Issue 5
Topic: Student Loans

Volume 10, Issue 9
Topic: Considering College? File Your FAFSA Soon

Volume 11, Issue 3
Topic: How to Ace a Job Interview

Volume 12, Issue 9
Topic: College Savings Month: Understanding The Kentucky Saves 529 Plan


Volume 5, Issue 2
Topic: Understanding Credit Scores and Credit Reports

Volume 6, Issue 9
Topic: Changing Credit Card Technology: What You Should Know

Volume 7, Issue 8
Topic: Choosing Debit or Credit at the Checkout Counter

Volume 7, Issue 11
Topic: Maintaining a Good Credit Score: Why It Matters

Volume 8, Issue 11
Topic: How to Protect Yourself in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

Volume 10, Issue 3
Topic: Paying Down Your Credit Card Debt

Volume 10, Issue 6
Topic: Keeping Score? What Your Credit Score Says about You

Volume 13, Issue 10
Topic: Understanding Your Credit Score

Volume 14, Issue 1
Paying off Debt: Using the Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche Methods

Volume 14, Issue 11
Money Transfer Apps


Volume 3, Issue 7
Topic: Teaching Your Children About Money

Volume 4, Issue 8
Topic: Family Communications About Money

Volume 4, Issue 9
Topic: Family Money Saving Tips While on the Go

Volume 5,Issue 7
Topic: Communicating with your Children about Money

Volume 6, Issue 5
Topic: Financial Considerations for Teen Drivers

Volume 6, Issue 12
Topic: Conquering the Great Indoors with Children

Volume 7, Issue 2
Topic: Date Night on a Budget

Volume 7, Issue 5
Topic: Vacationing on a Budget

Volume 8, Issue 6
Topic: How to Save Money as a Pet Owner

Volume 8, Issue 7
Topic: Preparing Financially for Baby

Volume 9, Issue 5
Topic: When Opposites Attract: Managing Finances Within a Marriage

Volume 9, Issue 11
Topic: Warding off Lifestyle Creep

Volume 10, Issue 5
Topic: Keep Smartphone Data Private by Safely Downloading Apps

Volume 10, Issue 7
Topic: Budget to Avoid Jitters over Wedding Costs

Volume 10, Issue 8
Topic: Protect Yourself Online

Volume 11, Issue 4
Topic: Teaching Kids about Money

Volume 12, Issue 5
Topic: What every high school graduate should know about finances

Volume 13, Issue 2
Topic: Bank Accounts for Kids - Learning Financy by Doing

Volume 15, Issue 3
Topic: Allowance: A Life Skill Builder


Volume 2, Issue 8
Topic: The Health and Wealth Challenge

Volume 8, Issue 1
Topic: Exercising on a Budget

Volume 8, Issue 12
Topic: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Volume 9, Issue 4
Topic: Managing Financial Stress

Volume 10, Issue 4
Topic: Managing Financial Stress

Volume 13, Issue 7
Topic: Tips to Increase Productivity and Stop Procrastinating

Volume 14, Issue 10
Topic: Time Well Spent: Organizing Tips for Increased Productivity


Volume 2, Issue 10
Topic: Preparing your home for cold weather

Volume 3, Issue 9
Topic: Mortgage Math

Volume 4, Issue 4
Topic: Home is where the heart is: Should I buy or rent?

Volume 4, Issue 6
Topic: Yard Sales

Volume 4, Issue 7
Topic: Considering a Reverse Mortgage?

Volume 5, Issue 4
Topic: Yard Sales

Volume 5, Issue 11
Topic: Should You Consider Extended Warranties?

Volume 6, Issue 6
Topic: Downsizing Your Home... How to Start the Process

Volume 6, Issue 11
Topic: Payday Loans and Rent-to-Own: How to be an Informed Consumer

Volume 7, Issue 3
Topic: Home Emergency Preparedness

Volume 7, Issue 4
Topic: What You Should Know About Routine Home Maintenance

Volume 7, Issue 6
Topic: Home Business — It Starts with a Plan

Volume 8, Issue 3
Topic: Cutting the Cable Cord

Volume 8, Issue 9
Topic: Things to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor

Volume 9, Issue 3
Topic: Should I Stay or Should I Go: Considerations for Downsizing Your Home

Volume 9, Issue 12
Topic: Conserve Energy and Save Money

Volume 12, Issue 3
Topic: Financial Preparedness for a Natural Disaster

Volume 12, Issue 11
Topic: Smart Homes, Brilliant Savings

Volume 13, Issue 1
Topic: Financial Recovery and Resiliency

Volume 13, Issue 5
Topic: Financial Recovery Following a Natural Disaster

Volume 14, Issue 4
Topic: Being a Respectful Giver: How to Help After a Natural Disaster

Volume 14, Issue 9
Topic: Rising Homeowner's Insurance Costs


Volume 3, Issue 12
Topic: Insurance... What Kind Do You Need?

Volume 8, Issue 4
Topic: Vehicle Insurance

Volume 14, Issue 9
Topic: Rising Homeowner's Insurance Costs


Volume 6, Issue 4
Topic: Estate Planning Considerations

Volume 8, Issue 8
Topic: Living on a Retirement Budget

Volume 12, Issue 4
Topic: Extension Publications Can Help You Start Estate Planning

Volume 11, Issue 2
Topic: You Can’t Afford to Wait — Save for Retirement Now

Volume 13, Issue 9
Topic: Preparing for Retirement

Volume 13, Issue 12
Topic: Estate Planning Tips for Non-Titled Property

Volume 15, Issue 5
Topic: Invest in Yourself: Which Retirement Plan is Right for You?


Volume 1, Issue 12
Topic: Household money-saving tips

Volume 2, Issue 3
Topic: Saving money

Volume 3, Issue 1
Topic: Resolve to save

Volume 3, Issue 2
Topic: KY Saves

Volume 3, Issue 6
Topic: Preparing for the Unexpected

Volume 4, Issue 10
Topic: Plug Your Spending Leaks

Volume 6, Issue 3
Topic: Pump Up Your Savings

Volume 7, Issue 9
Topic: Saving for Big Ticket Items

Volume 9, Issue 7
Topic: Saving for Major Purchases

Volume 10, Issue 1
Topic: Resolve to Save Smart

Volume 12 Issue 10
Topic: Saving doesn't have to be scary

Volume 14 Issue 2
Topic: Put Compound Interest to Work for You

Volume 14 Issue 5
Topic: Anyone Can Bank

Volume 14 Issue 6
Topic: Saving Money on Medical Expenses

Volume 14, Issue 12
Topic: Becoming a Smart Saver at Mealtime

Volume 15, Issue 1
Understanding the Cost of Convenience


Volume 2, Issue 1
Topic: Financial New Year's resolutions

Volume 2, Issue 5
Topic: Enjoying the summer on a budget

Volume 2, Issue 6
Topic: Summer savings

Volume 2, Issue 7
Topic: Back-to-school planning

Volume 2, Issue 9
Topic: Holiday spending

Volume 3, Issue 4
Topic: Green spring

Volume 3, Issue 11
Topic: Financial Preparation for the Holidays

Volume 4, Issue 1
Topic: Get Organized in the New Year

Volume 5, Issue 10
Topic: Beating the Holiday Financial Blues

Volume 5, Issue 12
Topic: Protecting Your Identity During the Holiday Season

Volume 7, Issue 1
Topic: Measuring Your Financial Health in the New Year

Volume 7, Issue 10
Topic: Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Volume 9, Issue 1
Topic: Planning Ahead for the Holiday Season

Volume 9, Issue 6
Topic: Enjoy Your Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

Volume 10, Issue 10
Topic: Don’t Let Scams Scare You This Halloween

Volume 11, Issue 1
Topic: Organize Your Money Records in the New Year

Volume 11, Issue 11
Topic: Being a Mindful Holiday Consumer: Use Less, Spend Wi$e Challenge

Volume 11, Issue 12
Topic: Hindsight is 20/20: Financial Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Volume 12, Issue 1
Topic: New Year, New Money: Breaking Habits That Break the Banks

Volume 12, Issue 8
Topic: Steps to Guard Against Identity Theft

Volume 12, Issue 12
Topic: Celebrate Now, Pay Later? Consider Carefully

Volume 14, Issue 7
Topic: Saving on Staycations and Vacations


Volume 2, Issue 12
Topic: Gift cards

Volume 4, Issue 11
Topic: Cybershopping Saving Strategies

Volume 4, Issue 12
Topic: The Price of Convenience

Volume 5, Issue 3
Topic: Clip and Save: Stretching Your Grocery Dollar

Volume 5, Issue 5
Topic: Talking Needs vs. Wants

Volume 5, Issue 6
Topic: Consignment Shopping

Volume 5, Issue 8
Topic: Shop Your Local Farmer's Market on a Budget

Volume 6, Issue 1
Topic: Resisting the Urge to Splurge

Volume 6, Issue 7
Topic: Planning Your Farmers' Market Shopping List

Volume 6, Issue 8
Topic: The Ins and Outs of Warehouse Club Shopping

Volume 7, Issue 7
Topic: Buying in Bulk: What You Need to Know

Volume 8, Issue 5
Topic: Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Volume 8, Issue 10
Topic: Becoming a Savvy Online Seller

Volume 9, Issue 8
Topic: Get the Best Deals on Airfare

Volume 9, Issue 10
Topic: Becoming a Smart Consumer

Volume 10, Issue 12
Topic: No Peeking: Keep Online Shopping Secret and Smart

Volume 14, Issue 3
Topic: Shrinkflation: Increasing Prices, Decreasing Quantity

Volume 14, Issue 8
Topic: Ways to Save on Back-To-School

Volume 15, Issue 4
Topic: Shopping Tips When Buying Major Appliances

Volume 15, Issue 6
Topic:Fair and Safe: The Role of Consumer Protection Agencies


Volume 2, Issue 2
Topic: Taxes

Volume 2, Issue 11
Topic: Year-end tax planning

Volume 3, Issue 3
Topic: Take control of your taxes

Volume 6, Issue 2
Topic: Be SMART with Your Tax Refund

Volume 9, Issue 2
Topic: Making the Most out of Your Tax Refund

Volume 13, Issue 3
Topic: Taxes and Identity Theft: Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance Claims