Bi-monthly newsletters provide basic nutrition education information to SNAP recipients and/or eligible recipients and other limited resource clientele.  Each newsletter contains ideas for assisting parents with feeding their children properly, cooking with kids and food facts. Also, an economical recipe along with basic budget tips offers a healthy meal idea for families.  These newsletters are made available to SNAP offices, WIC/Health Clinics, Head Start, Senior Centers, Housing Authorities, Food Pantry’s and other locations that serve limited resource clientele.

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Newsletters for 2017

December / January

                      English                                             Spanish

December 2017 / January 2018 English Health Bulletin      December 2017 / January 2018 Spanish Health Bulletin

October / November

                      English                                             Spanish

October/November 2017 Healthy Choices Newsletter       October/November 2017 Spanish Healthy Choices Newsletter

August / September

                      English                                             Spanish

August / September 2017 Healthy Choices Newsletter      August / September 2017 Healthy Choices Spanish Newsletter

June / July

                      English                                             Spanish

June / July Healthy Choices Newsletter      June / July Healthy Choices Spanish Newsletter

April / May

                      English                                             Spanish

April / May 2017 Healthy Choices Newsletter      April / May 2017 Spanish Healthy Choices Newsletter

February / March

                      English                                             Spanish

February / March 2017 Healthy Choice Newsletter        February / March 2017 Spanish Healthy Choice Newsletter