County Sites of Current Certified Master Volunteers

(The Class of 2018 is currently undergoing the Certification process)


Allen County                        

Janis Steele, Class of  2010   

Bath County                         

Mary Ann Lewis, Class of 2018         

Joy Warren, Class of 2018     

Boone County                                  

Hazel Bentley, Class of 2012 

Mary Neal, Class of 2012       

Bourbon County                              

Sherry Schneider, Class of 2016       

Boyd County                        

Kathy King, Class of 2018      

Geri Willis, Class of 2018       

Caldwell County                              

Peggy Cox, Class of 1990, Emeritus

Marilu Stevens, Class of 1992, Emeritus

Calloway County                              

Lee Furst, Class of 2014        

Connie Talent, Class of 1998, Emeritus

Campbell County                             

Kathy Lauer, Class of 1996, Emeritus

Casey County                                   

Billye Watson, Class of 2010 

Christian County                              

Anita Cummins, Class of 2008           

Clark County                        

Julie Ullery, Class of 2002     

Fayette County                                

Vickie Coleman, Class of 2018          

Loretta Haley, Class of 2008  

Audrey Law, Class of 2018    

Sierra Smith, Class of 2016   

Franklin County                               

Anne Hillard, Class of 2012   

Grant County                        

Linda Evans, Class of 2010    

Patsy Fields Kinman, Class of 1992, Emeritus

Graves County                                 

Millie Green, Class of 2010    

Linda Lawrence, Class of 2012         

Grayson County                               

Barbara Stiles, Class of 1994

Greenup County                              

Ann Howard, Class of 1990   

Joan Litteral, Class of 1994, Emeritus

Rita Spence, Class of 2012    

Claudine Williamson, Class of 2004  

Hardin County                                  

Gail Hinton, Class of 2006     

Marilyn Shrader, Class of 1990         

Wanda Teegarden, Class of 2000     

Harrison County                              

Harlene Welch, Class of 1990

Hart County                          

Sheryl Bailey, Class of 2016  

Mary Coakley, Class of 2008 

Donna Logsdon, Class of 2002          

Henderson County                          

Sue Berry, Class of 2018       

Henry County                       

Alice Newman, Class of 2000, Emeritus

Jackson County                               

Devonna Hisel, Class of 2000, Emeritus

Margaret Hunter, Class of 2004        

Jefferson County                             

Allysan Comstock, Class of 2004      

Sandy Davis, Class of 1992, Emeritus

Elaine Lyverse, Class of 1998 , Emeritus

Pat Mader, Class of 2008       

Claudia Smith, Class of 2012 

Sheila Throneberry, Class of 2016    

Kate Weiss, Class of 2018     

Kenton County                                 

Jackie Bishop, Class of 2016 

Carol Blair, Class of 2006      

Rose Blaney, Class of 2008   

Joyce A. Hildreth, Class of 2008       

Elaine Kohler, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Susan Laws, Class of 2008    

Maryloretto Resing, Class of 2014     

Nancy Rodgers, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Larue County                       

Judy Greenwell, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Rosa E. Smith, Class of 2002 

Leslie County                       

Faye Couch, Class of 2014    

Betty R. Harris, Class of 2014

Letcher County                                

Lisa Ison, Class of 2018         

Lewis County                       

Ruby Hord, Class of 2010      

Leoma Rigdon, Class of 2008

Lyon County                         

Kathy Hilkey, Class of 2014   

Madison County                               

Coetta Combs, Class of 2002

Amanda Dube, Class of 2016

Judy Fields, Class of 2006     

Sarah Hart, Class of 2006      

Susan Kipp, Class of 2010     

Marion County                                 

Bonnie Lawson, Class of 2014          

Marshall County                               

Sue Orlowski, Class of 1994, Emeritus

Bette Zilligen, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Mason County                                  

Betty A. Harris, Class of 2010

McLean County                                

Brenda Pinkston, Class of 1990         

Mercer County                                 

Melinda Harder, Class of 2006          

Anna Belle Ulshafar, Class of 2008   

Monroe County                                

Susan Walsh, Class of 2012  

Carol Wheeler, Class of 2016

Montgomery County                       

Aggie Fink, Class of 1990, Emeritus

Carol Rushing-Carr, Class of 2012    

Muhlenberg County                        

Loretta Grace, Class of 2016 

Nelson County                                 

Jessica Lyvers, Class of 2016

Owen County                       

Julie Donahue, Class of 2010

Debbie Primeau, Class of 2012          

Sharon Sullivan, Class of 2018          

Owsley County                                

Cheryl McCauley, Class of 2014       

Perry County                        

Nancy Pratt, Class of 1996    

Pike County                          

Cathy Harville, Class of 2014 

Joetta Maynard, Class of 2000          

Sue Williamson, Class of 2008          

Pulaski County                                 

Emma Peek, Class of 2014    

Russell County                                 

Melonie Eubank, Class of 2018         

Debra Flanagan, Class of 2018          

Scott County                        

Patti Bridge, Class of 2004    

Renee Corrigan, Class of 2016          

Collene Coyle, Class of 2012 

Carol Dziubakowski, Class of 2010   

Cindy Kettenring, Class of 2018        

Brenda Waller, Class of 2008

Monica Willett, Class of 2012 

Shelby County                                 

Iris Brown, Class of 2012       

Sandy Clark, Class of 2010   

Laura Dennison, Class of 2016          

Marcia Potts, Class of 2012   

Wanda Reed, Class of 2006, Emeritus

Linda Sanford, Class of 2016 

Carol Stine, Class of 1990, Emeritus

Louellen Stivers, Class of 2006         

Edith Webb, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Simpson County                              

Nell Jordan, Class of 1998, Emeritus

Spencer County                               

Pat Douglas, Class of 2002, Emeritus

Taylor County                                  

Ann Beard, Class of 2000      

Kris Fixari, Class of 2012       

Washington County                         

Marion Mulligan, Class of 2004, Emeritus

Rita Yates, Class of 2008       

Webster County                               

Sarah Scott, Class of 1992    

Wolfe County                       

Carole Dunhuber, Class of 2010       

Gail Halsey, Class of 2018     

Ashley Phipps, Class of 2008

Rita Rogers, Class of 2010    

Woodford County                            

Marsha Collins, Class of 2010

Candy Simms, Class of 2012