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Publications by Jennifer L. Hunter and Nichole L. Huff, Family and Consumer Sciences

Be a Rebel by Defying Risky Behaviors
Using the activity that follows in this publication, you can explain to your adolescent that being rebellious is not always a bad thing, especially if he/she can defy a negative behavior.
[PDF: 836 kb, 2 pages]

Count Your Beans
Take time now to talk with your adolescent about a household budget and the difference between needs and wants. It will help him/her understand how to allocate money later in life.
[PDF: 746 kb, 5 pages]

Getting the Most Out of Life
Helping adolescents balance the risks and rewards of their food and drink choices now can help them make wise health and financial decisions in the future.
[PDF: 1 mb, 5 pages]

Sending the Right Message
Discussing your adolescent's decision-making process is important not only for him/her, but also to help you as a parent stay actively involved in the everyday decisions that he/she makes.
[PDF: 697 kb, 4 pages]

How Much Do I Really Cost?
Communicating with your adolescent about household expenses and budgeting can help him/her begin to develop an understanding of how much it actually costs to live and to maintain a household.
[PDF: 990 kb, 3 pages]

Helping Your Adolescent Plan for the Future
Talking to your adolescent about goal setting can be an important first step in helping him/her visualize the future and the potential steps that need to be taken in order to turn a goal into a reality.
[PDF: 1.1 mb, 7 pages]

EDUCATION RESOURCES FOR YOUTH – The official kids portal to the U.S. government.  Includes links to specific government sites that would be of interest to children, such as A Tour Through the Bureau of Engraving and PrintingAdditional grade-level materials are available for youth starting their own business. 

Entrepreneurship Education – The 4-H Youth Entrepreneurship program works with youth to learn the practice of starting new organizations. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from solo projects to major undertakings creating many job opportunities. The site is available on the Kentucky 4-H Agent Resource Guide (password protected). If you are unable to connect to the site and would like more information, contact Kim Adams

4-H Reality Store – The Reality Store exercise introduces youth to the "realities" associated with adulthood--provision of food, clothing, shelter, etc. for a family and how these relate to career choices. Participants go through the "store" purchasing housing, transportation, child care, etc. By the end of the simulation, students usually see a relationship between career, lifestyle, and education. The site is available on the Kentucky 4-H Agent Resource Guide (password protected). If you are unable to connect to the site and would like more information, contact Kim Adams.


National Energy Education Program(NEED) – Promoting energy conscious students.  Includes a teacher’s resource catalog for instruction materials and kits.


NEFE High School Financial Planning Program – A high school financial planning program available in schools across the country. Teaching youth how to manage their money and learn to create their own financial plan and budget, while proposing a personal saving and investing plan. Student select strategies to use in handling credit and managing their debt, in addition to learning many more skills. 

Kentucky LifeSmarts Homepage – LifeSmarts is a consumer education program geared to high-school students.  Students compete to improve their consumer knowledge in the areas of personal finance, health and safety, the environment, technology and consumer rights and responsibilities. 

MyMoney for Kids – Website developed by the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission, providing financial education resources.