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Kentucky Small Business Development Center – Provides valuable tools to help entrepreneurs make informed business decisions when planning to open a new business purchase an existing business or expand an established business. Additionally, KCBDC offers counseling and training workshops; training topics may include Quicken, Time Management, Taxes, etc. – As the national and global economy continues to remain uncertain and challenging, Governor Steve Beshear unveiled a new Web site. This one-stop-shop provides readily accessible links for struggling Kentuckians to help find critical resources in tough times, such as health insurance and home mortgage information. The new Web site will provide information and links on topics covering a wide range of areas, including financial assistance; staying healthy; taking care of Kentucky’s kids; staying in your home; job assistance; and money-saving commuting tips. 

Gov Spot – Non-partisan government information portal designed to simplify the search for the best and most relevant government information online – consumer information. This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky. 

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) – Regulate securities firms and stockbrokers consumer information. This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky. 

The Consumer's Almanac – Tool designed to walk you through the process of developing organization and budgeting skills. As well as work toward long-term financial goals and debt management. This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky.


Get the Most From Your Wood-burning Dollars – Agent Exclusive.  Source: Doug McLaren,   Extension Forestry Specialist. 

Power$mart – Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet: Quick tips for saving both energy and money in your household and the world around us. Topics include: It Starts at HomeWindows, Insulation, and Weather StrippingHeating and CoolingDishwashers, Clothes Washers, and Hot Water Heaters; and much more. This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky. 

Elements of an Energy Efficient House – If you are considering building a new home or making your current home more energy efficient this site offers information on ventilation, sealing, and maximizing heating and cooling units. This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky.


Protecting Yourself Against Consumer Fraud – Agent Exclusive. Source: Bob Flashman, Family Resource Management Specialist 

Consumer Fraud: Don’t Be a Victim – FAM-RHF.118 - This low reading-level publication offers advice about how to protect yourself against a variety of recent scams. Includes a section on how to report potential scams and/or make complaints. 

Let the Consumer Beware! A Guide to Fraud and Rip-Offs – FAM-RHF.116 - Describes some of today’s more prevalent consumer scams, including identity theft, Internet fraud, credit card fraud, and home repair scams. Shows the reader how to recognize potential scammers and to protect his or her money and other assetsAlso offers advice about reporting a scam.


KY Home Foreclosure and Housing Resources – if you are wishing to purchase a home or facing foreclosure, there are a variety of KY specific resources available. Housing counselors are also available to assist. 

KY Homeownship Protection Center – The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center provides a centralized location for information on public services to assist Kentuckians in keeping their homes.  Homeowners can find information on the foreclosure process, utility assistance and home repair assistance to make smart choices and avoid losing their homes. 

Federal Housing Adminstration (FHA) – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has helped over 34 million people secure the dream of homeownership since 1934. Backed by the federal government, FHA provides safe mortgage insurance solutions while expanding its housing education and outreach efforts year after year.

HOPE – The HOPE for Homeowners (H4H) program was created by Congress to help those at risk of default and foreclosure refinance into more affordable, sustainable loans. H4H is an additional mortgage option designed to keep borrowers in their homes. 

Federal Mortgage Foreclosure Resources – Foreclosures are increasing nationwide, and the federal government has established online information and resources to help consumers. A wealth of resources can be found to assist consumers in avoiding foreclosure and/ or seeking solutions to foreclosure issues.


Help! Someone Is Impersonating Me! What Do I Do? – FAM-RHF.132 - This low-literacy fact sheet will deal with signs that someone is being impersonated, possible results, identity theft, and what to do. It will cover the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, obtaining a free credit report, dealing with debt collectors, and tips for solving credit problems.


Do you Know Where Your Social Security Number is Right Now? – FAM-RHF.111 This fact sheet informs consumers about privacy issues and precautions they can take to prevent identity theft.


Flood Insurance Coverage – FAM-RHF.104a - This revised publication will deal with the benefits of flood insurance, who needs it, C.L.U.E. Reports, types of water damage, and tips on dealing with floods. 

Tips to Save Money When Buying Insurance – FAM-RHF.115 - Introduces readers to numerous practical ideas for saving money on insurance. While assuming that readers are familiar with insurance basics, this publication provides an overview of money-saving tips and discusses strategies that pertain particularly to auto, homeowner’s, long-term care, and life insurance. 

What You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance – FAM-RHF.109a -  The revised publication will cover fault areas around Kentucky, who needs earthquake insurance, who is eligible, what coverage to look for, how rates are determined, deductibles, indirect damage, quake insurance basics, and who to contact for help.


Emergencies: Are You Prepared? – FAM-RHF.127a - This publication, revised in 2004, deals with various emergencies any family or individual should prepare for, including natural disasters, theft, and sudden illness. Deals with contingency plans, tax records, and getting organized. Provides a detailed checklist of important documents and where each should be kept. 

Family Financial Management - Interventions Following a Disaster – Fact sheet with information on financial difficulties that may occur following a disaster. 

Grab and Go Box – Disaster Information Resources - Recent natural disasters have emphasized the importance of emergency preparedness.
Everyone should have individual and family evacuation plans in place.It is critical that each family have a planned evacuation arrangement and an evacuation “to-go” box ready for emergencies. Publication made available from the LSU Ag Center.


Holiday Help for the Hungry – FN-JLT.143 - Communities are facing issues of food insecurity in that some families do not have the resources or access to an adequate food supply. This publication shares ideas for helping communities to meet food needs for residents. 

Making Your Charitable Giving Go Further – FAM-RHF.124a - This publication helps the consumer make sure his or her charitable giving really makes a difference. It is estimated that as much as $2 billion ends up in the pockets of fraudulent solicitors.