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Community Supported Agriculture Model Evolving, Growing – News release by Carol Spence. Contact: Tim Woods, 859-257-7270 and  Mark Keating, 859-257-5130 

Wildcat Way to Wellness: Kentucky Farms and Foods – S3.528 - The health of Kentucky’s families and communities is affected by the well-being of Kentucky farms, and Kentuckians have an important role to play by purchasing locally grown and produced foods. This publication includes an overview of the Commonwealth’s farms and food systems as well as resources to help consumers locate Kentucky foods. 


Canning for Food Preservation – NEP 211D - Learn to stretch food dollars by preserving home grown foods through canning with this fact sheet.


Growing Blackberries and Raspberries in Kentucky – HO-15 - John G. Strang, R. Terry Jones  This publication covers all aspect of growing blackberries and raspberries in Kentucky. 

Growing Grapes in Kentucky – ID-126  G.R. Brown, D.E. Wolfe, J. Strang, T. Jones, R. Bessin, and J. Hartman. Publucation includes information on growing grapes in Kentucky. 

Growing Highbush Blueberries in Kentucky – HO-60. John Strang, R. Terry Jones, Joe Masabni, Dwight Wolfe, John Hartman, and Ric Bessin 

Growing Peaches in Kentucky – HO-57 - Joseph G. Masabni and John G. Strang, Horticulture; John R. Hartman, Plant Pathology; Ric Bessin, Entomology 

Department of Horticulture – Link to a variety of information on home fruit and nut production.

GENERAL is an interactive site established to provide a source of reliable and up to date horticulture and gardening information through a knowledge base of commonly asked questions. allows you to search for answers to questions already asked by other gardeners, or to ask new questions.


New Crop Opportunities Center – The University of Kentucky's New Crop Opportunities Center provides production and marketing information on new crops and value-added versions of current crops. 

Crop Profiles – These crop profiles provide basic information to help growers determine if a particular enterprise might be right for them. This includes information about marketing and market outlook, production considerations, economic considerations, and sources of additional information. They provide only introductory information; growers should seek more in-depth information if they choose to try the crop.


Nut Tree Growing in Kentucky – Joseph G. Masabni, John G. Strang, R. Terry Jones, Horticulture; Ric Bessin, Entomology; John R. Hartman, Plant Pathology


Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky – is a publication which provides information on all aspects of home gardening including intensive gardening, container gardening, mini-gardens, one plot:  three season gardens and organic gardening. 

Proper Management Early on Can Lower Disease Risks in Gardens – News release by Katie Pratt. Contact: Kenny Seebold, 859-257-7445, ext. 80721 

Raised Beds Gardening, Rain Gardens and Rain Storage Information – is a website with information and websites focusing on gardening in raised beds and rain gardens. 

Starting Plants from Seed at Home – HO 56. - J. W. Buxton, R. G. Anderson, M. L. Witt, and S. Bale.  Publication that provides information on germinating and growing vegetable and flower seeds until they are ready to be planted in the garden as a way of saving money.

Organic Manures and Fertilizer for Vegetable Crops – Brent Rowell and Robert Hadad. Information on advantages and disadvantages on using manure on vegetable crops. 

Vegetable Group: Add Variety – NEP 203A- This fact sheet shares ideas on buying vegetable in season and buying the right form for your use.