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Stress at Home - Kids at School – Fact sheet to help teachers recognize stress in children due to economic difficulties at home. 

Teaching Children About Money – Site that can help your children chart their financial course in life and teach them basic money management skills. 


Rebounding Your Finances after the Great Recession – Implementing good money management practices can help you rebound and allow you to be better prepared for future changes in the economy. 

Maximizing Your Dollars in Retirement – Developing a monthly budget for your retirement expenses can help you feel more prepared to adjust to rising prices and unexpected expenses. 

Add Up The Savings – A series of cards offering tips to Add Up the Savings.
At HomeOn ClothingWhile Eating OutShopping for FoodFood Preparation, and On Energy. 

Divorce Matters: Separating Your Finances – Fact sheet discusses the three financial issues and responsibilities during divorce: the need to gather information, negotiate property division, and manage debt. – The U.S. Government's website designed to educate Americans regarding money management. 

The Wildcat Way to Wellness: Give Yourself a Financial Checkup – FCS 5-430 - It is important to do a regular checkup of your finances, much like getting an annual checkup from your doctor. Some financial maintenance checks should be done monthly, some quarterly, and some annually. 


Build Wealth Not Debt: Become an American Saver – Program aimed at educating and assisting Americans to build wealth by saving and reducing debt. 

Capture the Power of a Spending Plan – Quick and easy ways to develop a successful spending plan. 

How to Keep Money in Your Pocket – FCS 5-102 -  Your spending and saving habits influence your ability to achieve financial security. You can change wasteful spending habits if you understand how habits are shaped, the parts of spending behavior, and ways spending behavior can be changed. 

How to Make your Money Go Further – FCS 5-101 - The way you spend your money today will determine what you have six months from now, a year from now, five years from now or in your lifetime. You control your financial destiny. Successful money managers control the way they spend their money. 


Finding Ways to Live on a Reduced Income – FCS 5-441 - Loss of income is a traumatic experience. With so many families carrying a high level of debt to­day, the reduction in income or total loss of income through a job loss is especially traumatic. There are steps you can take to ease the burden and survive this experience.

Spending Choices – Some suggestions on the right spending choices. 

Stretching Your Dollars – Fact sheet with suggestions for maximizing budget dollars. 


Your Money Matters – Talk about money openly and honestly before marriage. 

Family Communications about Money – FCS 5-106 - Many financial problems occur because family members do not understand their money situation. When family members don’t “talk things over,” even the most workable spending plan is doomed.


Kentucky State Parks – Kentucky has 52 state parks, which offer a variety of activities including swimming, boating, fishing, nature hikes, and more. 

Kentucky Department of Tourism – This is the official website of the Kentucky Department of Travel, inviting you to explore Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit.  The site offers travel ideas throughout the state, including sites to see, things to do, and places to stay. 

National Park Service – Within the borders of Kentucky, you do not have to travel far to reach one of the four national parks or national historic sites in our state.  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace, located just outside of Hodgenville focuses on Lincoln’s life in Kentucky.  Mammoth Cave  is the world’s longest cave system, cave tours, camping, and picnicking facilities are available.  The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area offers scenic gorges as well as a host of outdoor recreational activities including camping, hiking, horseback riding, and more.  Cumberland Gap National Historic Park marks the gateway to the west, where the settlers entered Kentucky through the mountains, guided tours, as well pioneer exhibits, and outdoor activities are available.


Local Gas Prices – Are you always searching for the cheapest gas in town?  Several websites track the price of gas at different service stations.  You enter your zip code to find a list of gas stations and their current price per gallon will be displayed.  This is not a service or website associated with the University of Kentucky.